Hybrid Migration Office 365
Hybrid Migration Office 365

Hybrid Migration in Office 365 is the migration process that allows mailboxes migration on-premises to on-site or a way to assure Exchange to Office 365 migration to be stable and effortless to the users. In this way, any person can simply move the current mailboxes to Exchange Online from Exchange Server. In this method, a person does not require to design a new mailbox and import all the data and information. Many migration methods are similar to this one. For example: When you Migrate SharePoint from One Tenant to Another

Advantages of Exchange-based Hybrid Deployment

  • While migrating there is no need to create new user mailboxes and import information
  • Less uncomfortable to users
  • Seeding data prior to the migration

Essentials for Office 365 Hybrid Migration 

  • Prior to the migration, proper authorization is needed.
  • Be sure that the Hybrid deployment among On-Premises and Exchange Online businesses is estimated beforehand, and the local Exchange Server is strong and running correctly.
  • In On-Premises servers of Exchange Client Access, assure that the Mailbox duplication Proxy Service is authorized.
  • You can also avail the benefits of DaaS from Desktop as a Service providers.

Steps for Office 365 Hybrid Migration

The procedure to transfer Exchange mailboxes from On-Premises to Office 365 or the reverse of it is easy and secure. Following are the steps for a successful migration process:

  1. Creating an Endpoint for the Migration

The primary step to initiate before performing remote transfer migrations both On-Boarding and Off-Boarding is to build an Exchange Migration endpoint. This endpoint comprises the on-premises Exchange server connection settings, which operate the MRS proxy. This assistance supports in performing remote migrations towards and from Exchange Online.

  1. Enabling Proxy Service

In this situation, the MRS Proxy is not allowed on the On-Premises Exchange 2013 Client Access servers, you will need to allow it.

  1. Using EAC to move Mailboxes.

In the EAC (Exchange Admin Center) on the Office 365 section, there is a remote migration wizard which can assist very well. You can utilize this wizard to transfer Exchange Online mailboxes to the On-premises business or to transfer the On-premises user mailboxes to the Exchange Online business. You have a choice to select any of these methods.

  • Migrating On-Premises Mailboxes to Office 365
  • Migrating Office 365 Mailboxes to On-Premises
  1. Removal of Batches

Once the procedure to transfer the mailboxes has finished perfectly, the next significant step is the removal of the batch. The purpose of this removal is to decrease error probabilities in situations where the same users are being migrated again.

  1. Outlook Web App Re-enabling for Accessing Offline.

Accessing offline in Outlook Web App enables you to work on mailboxes efficiently, in every scenario. While you undergo migration, you will have to reset offline access compulsorily.


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