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Mass Effect Infiltrator

Mass Fill Infiltrator is one of the action games available in the market today. Developed by the studio of Iron Monkey. This game released for Android, IOS, Blackberry separately. This game is played in platforms like Android, OS and Windows Phone. Mass Effect Infiltrator is an Android shooter game developed by the famous game developer Electron Arts.In this shooter game with three dimensional graphics, we are supposed our time spent in this game as we play the role of previous working agent named Randall Ezno of the scientific and industrial organization “Cerberus”.

Your ambition will be to fight with Cerberus and you need to prevent the Ghost criminal ideas, the most dangerous chief of the corporation. Mass Effect Infiltrator has amazing graphics with a good script. Infiltrator is also correspond to the previous version of Mass Effect. While game is processing you are restricted to run and shoot and you also have your ideas and battle plans like go behind, hide. After the end of each level  if you get the currency in your game you can purchase a new weapons with that currency those weapons useful in game for fighting. In this game you also use other game accessories like joysticks.





This game is combines both action and third person shooting as well. Action is divided into two parts. The two joysticks are used for fulfil while Enzo is moving around the picture. One is used for Enzo moves around the map and the another one is used for controls aiming.You get the cover that will make Enzo get the cover. With the cover protection now he is more capable of fighting with a different attacks and weapons. This game is created by the team who are create the Dead Space also.

In Mass Effect Infiltrator game we play the role of Randall Ezno is trying to find out the best possibilities of how to protect from the Cerberus in the Galaxy. Galaxy means the celestial bodies that will surrounded through the some central thing. The sun and the other planets in our solar system is also part of that galaxy. The earth’s galaxy is called as the Milky Way. The celestial body is any object that is outside of the earth’s atmosphere. Best examples of celestial bodies is the Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Neptune and so on. The asteroids are also one example of celestial body.

In Mass Effect Infiltrator game Randall Ezno is trying to escape from the Cerberus. Cerberus is the Ghost. Ghost are the soul of the died people that can be living after the person died also. But most of the times ghosts are not visible. Sometimes somebody told they are visible to their nearest persons. Mostly ghosts are not visible but the sounds they produce hear by somebody where ghosts live. Ghosts mostly live in the died places or the places where that ghosts are related to the people when they are live. The places where ghosts live is also called as haunted places.


Mass Effect is belongs to the company Electronic Arts. Mass Effect is a science fiction game developed by the Electronic Arts employees Preston Watamaniuk, Drew Karpyshyn and Casey Hudson. Bioware company developed the third-person shooter game later Bioware company purchase by Electron Arts. The story of Mass Effect is it surrounds through a spaceship commander named Shepard. The role of Shepard is to protect the galaxy. In this Shepard fight with Reapers and its staff.

Mass Effect3:

In Mass Effect 3, the previous game which he played was take into this game by saving the last game.By doing this the player has the advantage of take the past decisions in this game as well.In Mass Effect 3 the player trying to develop the team strength and collecting the weapons to fight with enemies.In this game it will introduced the multiplayer that means more than one player can play the game.


Gameplay features:

Boss Battles:

Engage in epic Boss battles against Cerberus and twisted experiment victims.

Intuitive controls:

use intuitive tap controls to battle Cerberus


earn credits for your performance in every combat encounter


Explore the massive extensions of a fully realized cerberus base


Improve your chances in the final battle of Mass Effect 3 on the go


Take control of massive arsenal of weapons and biotics






Game Specifications:


Developer:          ELECTRONIC ARTS, USA

Android:              4.0+

Genre:                 Action

The size:             368.8 Mb

Current Version: 1.0.58

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