Nokia 6 was launch in the early January & is said to be one of the best budgeting smartphone in the Market. The devise was launch Android 7.1 & was expected to send Android Oreo soon.

If you are one of the Nokia 6 or Nokia 7 users, then here is the good news for you. Nokia have started giving Android Oreo push update starting from today & is expected to roll out on other countries by the end of February.

Android Oreo For Nokia 6/7

This got confirmed after HMD confirmed today the release of the Android Oreo for Nokia 6 & Nokia 7 device. With this new Android Oreo update will definitely improve the battery performance. We also believe that the new update will also bring the picture-in-picture mode feature & improved UI for better experience.

There is no confirmation by when will other countries will get the Android O, but we expected the update to be out for all the counters by or before end of February.


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