Android Oreo Is The New Recognition For Android 8 aka Android OToday morning we got to know that OnePlus 5 is testing Android 8.0, but we are not aware when exactly will they release Android O on their device. Now Nokia has just reveled that they will release Oreo on their latest Nokia 8 by the end of October.

According to the HMD, they have already started testing Android 8.0 on their Nokia 8 & will release it soon. As we all know that the phone has just released in Taiwan, we all are excited to know more about the device & the news of testing Android O on the Nokia 8 boots the excitement. This also bring this to notice that the device will be available to other countries with Android 8.0.

But, we will already get the glimpse of the Android 8.0 on the upcoming Google Pixel 2 & Pixel 2 XL, which is going to launch on October 4.  What else are we really exited about the Nokia 8 is that it will come loaded with Carl ZEISS lens.

We still are wondering on which device will receive the Android 8.0. Will it be OnePlus 5 or will it be Nokia 8? Share your thoughts on the same.


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