Android Oreo Is The New Recognition For Android 8 aka Android O

When the title says all devices that also includes the Nokia 3. This is a great news for Nokia Android users who have been waiting to experience the Android O. This got official confirmed, but there has been no talks about the release date.


It’s obvious that they will not release the Android O to all devices at once, but the question remains which will be the first device to experience the Oreo. Consider the Nokia 3 will also get the Android 8.0, I ¬†believe that it will not allow you to use all the Oreo features.

I think that Nokia will first release the Android 8.0 to Nokia 6 & Nokia 8 as they want people to experience the Oreo features to the fullest.

They had also confirmed that they have tested the Android 7.1.1 on few devices (they have still kept it a secret) & will be released soon this or the next week. According the the Nokia Spokes person. It’s clear that they don’t want to unveil the date & device name to get the Android O as they want to keep the excitement until the release.

What do you think which will be the first Nokia device to come with the Oreo update?

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