At the CES 2017 NVIDIA is planning to showcase their all-new Shield Android TV set-top-box, which is coming next month. For those who are familiar with the Shield Android TV; Nvidia Services will add 802.11 ac, Wi-Fi support and will also come with MIMO antenna support. The MIMO antenna support ensures powerful wireless transmission speed, which means better performance.

Talking about the controller on the previous Android TV, we are expecting to see a better controller this time. Unlike the previous controller that contained Wi-Fi direct connection, the new Shield Android TV is expected to come with Bluetooth connection support. What’s more interesting about the new Shield Android TV is that the set-top box will support 4K video. If you know the fact that Google has now started showing 4K movies through Play store. Which gives a clear idea of Shield supporting 4K video content.

The 2 big changes that will help the performance of the device is the MIMO antenna and Bluetooth controller. The Bluetooth controller as compared to the previous Wi-Fi controller will consume less power at the same time will perform better. The only issue we see here is the Bluetooth range. Rest we believe that the device will be far better than their older models (obviously).

The price for the new Shield Android TV is not yet know, hence we don’t commit anything on this yet. What we all can do is wait for the CES 2017 to see the price and more mind blowing features.



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