Office Desk vs Gaming Desk
Office Desk vs Gaming Desk

So, you’ve got work to do. Or rather, you need to use your computer. Perhaps you also like to play games on your computer? I’m sure you’ve had a ‘standard’ desk before. Unspecialized, non-specific; a general one-size-fits-all solution to an easy-to-fix problem. Below the article, here find the Office Desk vs Gaming Desk vs Standing Desk.

Until something goes wrong. You get a bad back, or your monitor and tower and keyboard won’t all fit on the desk, or you’ve got no room for your paperwork and telephone and mousepad.

Now you realize you need a new desk. But which desk is right for you?

It’s hard to know. So we’ve analyzed the three most popular desk styles on the market right now to help you make a more informed choice. Which is right for you? Only you can decide, but at least now you can make an informed decision!

Office Desk

Let’s start with the basics. An office desk is pretty much your standard desk but optimized for office work. There will be more space for a paperwork rack, a telephone, and usually some kind of cable-tidy feature, like a concealed hole at the rear of the desk so all those pesky wires can be fed through and hidden out of the way. Furthermore, any good office desk will come fitted with all manner of drawers and sometimes even shelves to provide more storage space. All manner of office stationery and files can then be securely and conveniently stowed, yet still, be accessible when they are needed.

If you’ve worked in an office before, you’ll know that the build quality of most mass-produced office desks isn’t really up to scratch. They tend to be mass-produced, with the aim of saving the customer money in mind. This is generally fine for their usage in an office, and they tend to last longer than their recommended lifespan, but if you’ve bought an office desk in error, you may find this lower build quality can become a more serious issue.

Gaming Desk

Gaming desks are an altogether different thing. Designed specifically with gamers and gaming in mind, their benefits are specific and tailored to a unique set of issues not normally associated with office work. You can also get gaming desks in different shapes like an l shaped gaming desk.

For starters, they are built for comfort and ergonomic factors more than a standard office desk is. It might seem crazy, because an office worker will spend eight hours a day at their desk, but gaming desks are made so that their users are not only comfortable but can continue to perform for the entirety of the game. Edges are often smoothed or rounded and sometimes curved inwards in the middle, to allow the user to sit closer to the controls. The entire surface of the desk is often fitted with a microfibre desk-mat, which allows for gaming mouse usage at any point on the desktop. 

Gaming desks also tend to be a lot bigger than office desks. This is to accommodate all manner of accessories such as wireless keyboards, mice, joysticks, steering wheels, headsets, and multiple monitors. Not only this but to allow for a greater range of motion of the arms, to ensure each movement is uninhibited. This extra space is not just a flat surface, however, as many gaming desks feature hooks for headsets, charging stands for controllers, and even cupholders, to prevent any spillage on expensive equipment. If you need a triple monitor setup, then a gaming desk may be right for you as it’s a lot bigger which gives you enough space for all your monitors.

The build quality of gaming desks is often superior. They are not as in-demand as regular desks but are highly valuable to those who need them. This means that manufacturers can build to high specifications without having to sacrifice anything else to keep the costs low. Most gaming desks are built from high-quality materials and are able to bear a much heavier load. 

Finally, a lot of gaming desks are either entirely or partially height adjustable. Normally, the monitor platform can be raised or lowered, or the keyboard area can be inclined to prevent strain on the arms. The majority of gaming desks, however, can be adjusted to suit the needs of the user no matter what. This means that if you’ve been sitting down gaming for hours and need to stretch your legs, you don’t need to stop playing, just change the desk to the standing setting and you can kick away your chair and continue gaming on your feet!

Standing Desk

The concept of a standing desk is fairly easy to grasp. Built with the office worker in mind more than the gamer, a standing desk can help alleviate the many health-risk factors that come from a sedentary lifestyle.

The health benefits of adding as little as one hour of standing time to the day of an office worker are undisputable – standing desks could literally save lives! They reduce the risk of heart issues, cholesterol, and back and joint pain. 

Standing desks will come with mostly the same benefits as a standard office desk. The storage space and optimization for office life will be largely the same, but the build quality is often superior in standing desks, especially those with adjustable mechanisms. 

So as you can see when it comes to choosing a desk, it really depends on what you need it for. If you work from home or run your own business, you may benefit from an office desk, especially if you live an otherwise active lifestyle. If not, consider a standing or adjustable desk. And while a gaming desk may well be co-opted and be effective as a work environment, they are often more expensive than office desks and standing desks alike, so best to only buy one if you plan on getting your money’s worth!

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