OnePlus have recently provided you with a release of Android 5.0 Lollipop for your OnePlus One device. This Lollipop Update for OnePlus One is a custom developed ROM, with all the basic features of AOSP version. This new update is an Alpha build with limited testing done on this custom ROM. Being an alpha build, we might see a lot of errors in it. Here are some of the issued posted in the forum:


Before you start the installation, please make sure that you read all the instructions carefully. If you check the source, they strictly say, “Proceed at your own risk.”

Before installing Android 5.0 in your OnePlus One device, make sure you follow this:

  1. Backup, before flashing the Custom ROM.
  2. Make sure you have TWRP 2.0.
  3. This build has no build-in recovery. Therefore , you have to reflash your TWRP.

How To Install Android 5.0 In Your OnePlus One Device:


  1. Initially:
    1. If you have an Windows PC, download zip
    2. If you have Mac Download this zip file:
    3. If you have already installed the TWRP, check the TWRP folder to get the zip file.
  2. Hold power and volume down button to boot into TERP.
  3. Now you will get in the Recovery mode and when you in recovery mode do the factory reset and clean all your data. (Note: Make sure you have your backup.)
  4. One you have done with the recovery mode installed the downloaded zip file and confirm to flash your device. Make sure that you flash the ROM.
  5. After installing and flashing your device clear all the cache.

Once you have done with the steps you should done with installing the new custom ROM.

You are doing it at your own risk!!



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