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Mad Catz have announced their new wireless game controller, S.U.R.F. This new wireless game controller is portable and has a Bluetooth connectivity to connect it to your Android Smart Devices (Android TV, Android Tablets and Smartphones). It has a full QWERTY keyboard and a gaming mouse capability and a clip that works as a media controller. With this device you can now browse Internet, play games, and many more.

Looking at the image it gives a feeling of a game controller, as its nature is. This also works as gamepad controller consisting of a dual thumb sticks. Having a mini D-pad controller and a button on the left where on the right it has its gaming console. This makes it comfortable to play game, which ensures a better gaming experience.

President and Chief Executive Officer, Darren Richardson of Mad Catz said “Today’s living room is rapidly evolving beyond proprietary cable boxes and gaming consoles. While consumers continue to gravitate towards connected devices as their preferred platform for streaming digital media content, gaming, surfing the web and social media, current controllers just don’t deliver on the experience they desire. The S.U.R.F.R has been designed to get the most out of these different devices we are now accustomed to in our daily lives.” said. He further added, “We are confident in the multiple opportunities presented by the S.U.R.F.R and look forward to it contributing to sales of our GameSmart suite of connected products throughout 2015 and beyond.”

S.U.R.F is currently available in 3 different colors, while, red and black. With S.U.R.F you can now easily browse, play games and also can text and use social networking website. This is not yet for sale, but is there for pre-order.


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