Android Oreo Is The New Recognition For Android 8 aka Android O

To have an early access to Android 8.0 for Samsung Galaxy S8 & Note 8 users, Samsung has officially announced the beta testing program, but few users were already blessing with Android 8.0 on their Galaxy S8 & Note 8 devices before the official announcement. Along with the announcement of Android 8.0 beta testing program, they also updated Samsung Experiences 9.0. The Samsung Experience was updated to give a much better integrated experience of Android 8.-0 on Galaxy 8 series.

But, this beta update program is not available in all other countries. For now it’s only available in the U.S, U.K & South Korea. Not for all cellular. You read it right. This update is not for all cellular. Sprint & T-Mobile version users are only eligible in the U.S, but in UK you need to have a SIM-free model.


To get this app, you need to have Samsung + app only if you are in the U.S, but out-side US users can have Samsung Member app.

If you are one of the users you already are a beta user, then you can share your experience & issues with the Android 8.0 in the comment.




From GeekSnipper:


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