Nowadays the billions of users are using Android devices because it provides lots of features to its users. In Android whenever you get any notification, you will be notified at the scroll bar and after you swipe it, it goes permanently. But sometimes there may be a chance that you have cleared some important notifications that you might not want to delete, so for those cases, HowToCrazy is sharing some apps with you that will help To Save and backup of notifications on Android.


How to Save and Make Backup of Notifications In Android

Method 1: Using Noti Box: Stop Save Notification

Step1: Firstly you need to download and install the app NotiBox: Stop Save Notification.


Step2: Now launch the app from the app drawer.

Step3: Now in the app you just need to click on enable the app to give the app access to the notifications that are arriving on your mobile.


That’s it, now whenever any notification will arrive on your Android device, the app will record all of them and will save them so that you can watch them later.

Method 2: Using Past Notifications

Step1: Firstly, download and install Past Notification on your Android device.


Step2: Now open the app, you will see a pop up which will ask you to Enable Notification Listener. There, you need to tap OK.

Step3: Now you will be redirected to Notification entrance screen. There you need to enable the Past Notifications from the list.


Step4: Press the behind key now, and you will be back to the app. Here you will find your notifications which will be listed in the history.

That’s it. This is how you can save your notification on your Android device.

Final Words About Notifications Backup on Android:

There are other apps also that are available on the Play Store to serve the same purpose. But we believe these two are the best. So, guys lets try out any one of these if you also want to back-up your notifications so that you don’t miss out any of your important notification. In case of any query do comment below.


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