This tutorial will reveal to you exactly how to quickly as well as easily install Solstice, which is needed for throwing your display wirelessly to a Solstice-capable display screen, such as those found in Advanced Teaching and also Research Study Building.

You only need to go with this process once. After that, you can just start the Solstice software, which will remember previous displays you have actually attached to for quick accessibility. Throw all those adapters away! Just connect straight to the display screen without any cable televisions.

Installing Steps

  • Open Up Microsoft System Center – Software Application Center
  • Look for Solstice as well as Click Install
  • Confirm Installment of Solstice
  • Wait for Progression Bar
  • Optionally Pin Solstice to Taskbar
  • Attach to a Solstice Show
  • Enter the Key

From Laptop

  • Search to the IP address provided on the pod
  • Click on Get the application & connect
  • Follow the on-screen guidelines to set up the Solstice customer and also connect to your desired pod

From mobile device

  • Open the App Store or Play Store.
  • Search for Solstice app by Mersive Inc.
  • Download and install as well as set up the application.
  • Open up the Application. Get in the IP of the Solstice pod you wish to link to

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Make changes to any of the following settings

  1. Your Name: How your name will show up in the collaboration session
  2. Alert Settings: Set which notifications you would love to receive: None, Critical, or All notifications
  3. Quick Share Desktop computer: If allowed, Solstice will immediately share your desktop to the Solstice screen once you connect.
  4. Instantly Share Audio with Desktop: If enabled, your desktop audio will immediately be streamed to the Solstice home screen when you share your desktop.
  5. Hide Solstice When Sharing Desktop: If enabled, the Solstice Client user app will immediately conceal when you share your desktop.
  6. Immediately Check for Updates: If allowed, your Solstice Client user app will automatically check for software program updates.
  7. Solstice Location Service: If the Solstice display has location services allowed, the Solstice application will reorder the listing of uncovered Pods to show display screens that are closest to you initially, enabling you to swiftly link to the display screen that you are literally close by, improving the link process.
  8. Solstice Exploration Solution Address: If your organization has executed the Solstice Exploration Service (SDS), the SDS IP address is gone below. This is among the ways that the displays on your company’s network show up in the Discovered Displays tab. To uncover the tools on the GoTrojans network get in immersive.dsu.local right into this area.
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