Hello android lovers, Today I am going to share the top 3 solutions for an android problem that is ‘Storage Space Running Out’ or ‘Insufficient Memory’ in android phones. I want to clarify that this type of problem occurs in that phones which has low storage memory. Don’t worry guys, I will tell you the best solution for the storage space running out a problem in this article.

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What is Storage Space Running Out Problem in Android Phones

As you know that Android is the most widely used smartphone with its features and applications. But sometimes, it frustrates its users with its limitations like memory and RAM, etc. Some users have android phones with low storage and they want to install more applications from the play store but they get an error that is ‘Insufficient Storage‘ or ‘Storage space running out‘ so they are not able to install any app from the play store. If you have 16 GB or higher internal memory in your phone, there are fewer chances for this error. So, if you are going to buy a new android phone, we would recommend you to buy with a minimum of 16 GB internal memory for more apps and games.

How To Fix ‘Storage Space Running Out’ Problem – Best Solutions for Insufficient Memory

I will share the best solutions here to fix the error storage space running out from your Android device. Here are the best 3 solutions for this problem and follow these steps to get rid of the problem in Android phones.

1. Clear Cache of Android Apps

You know about cache and its importance in applications. But when you have an applications since many days, cache size of the application increases auto with time and usage of the app. Some apps have more than 100 MB of space. So I recommend you to clear the cache of old apps and reconfigure again. Here is the steps to clear the cache of the android apps –



  1. Go to main setting of the android phone.
  2. Now, go to application manager or apps management.
  3. Select app which has big app size.
  4. Go to app and clear data of the app.
  5. You will get more free space now in phone memory.

Suggestion – I suggest you to clear data of Google Chrome, WhatsApp, Hike, WeChat and PicsArt apps. These apps have more apps data in phone memory.

2. Delete Unnecessary Files and Folders from Phone Memory

If you have an android phone with low storage capacity, you need to keep your phone memory free to use your android phone smoothly. If you don’t do so, your phone will give you and error like – ‘storage space running out‘ or ‘insufficient memory‘. If you want to free your internal memory, please follow below steps –

  • WhatsApp Database Files (more than 100 MB)
    • Go to WhatsApp folder.
    • Go to databases.
    • Delete all databases with old dates and time.
  • Delete Hike Databases Files (more than 50 MB)
    • Go to WhatsApp folder.
    • Go to databases.
    • Delete all databases with old dates and time.
  • Delete Thumbnails in DCIM and pictures Folders
    • Go to your default Camera Folder that is DCIM.
    • Search for thumbnails folder in whole internal memory.
    • Delete all folder named with thumbnails.
  • Delete Hidden Folders in Internal Memory
    • Go to Internal memory.
    • Open options and enable hidden folders.
    • Now, you will get more hidden folders named with zigzag alphabets.
    • Delete all folders except “.android-secure” folder.

3. Delete / Uninstall System Apps without Root

You know your android phone has a lot of apps that you don’t use often. So it is another way to free your android phone memory by uninstalling system app without root. It is very simple and easy method to uninstall or delete system apps from android phone. Please refer this article to delete/uninstall system apps without root.

4. Move Apps to SD Card

This is another method to free phone internal space in android phone and it is also easy and safe to use. You will get everything same after moving your android apps to SD Card and there is no need to set your login details again. To move your android apps to SD Card, please follow below steps –

  • Go to phone’s main setting.
  • Select apps management or application manager.
  • Now, choose any app like – hike, whatsapp etc.
  • Please click on move to SD Card.
  • Please wait for confirmation.
  • Repeat with next app if app has an option to move to SD Card.

Note –

  • All android apps can not be moved to SD Card due to some restrictions.
  • If you remove your memory card (SD Card), your app will be removed from phone which are in SD Card.

5. Various Methods to Free up More Space

All important and recommended methods are mentioned in above parts but there is more methods which will free up more space on android phone.

  • Set your default storage device to SD Card.
  • Uninstall unused apps or extra apps.
  • Junk File / Folder Cleaner.
  • Empty Folder Cleaner.

Viral Tricks –

Last words on Storage Space Running Out Problem – As I mentioned all methods and best solutions for this problem, I am sure you will be able to free up space in your android phone after doing all steps. If you have another method or solution, please mention in the comment below, we will update our list with your name. Keep visiting www.androidworld.org


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