Mobile Apps for Sports Betting

Sports betting has always been popular. But the arrival of mobile betting completely revolutionized the industry. Combined with new markets opening up, betting operators have seen their profits shoot up in the last few years. Downloadable apps have been particularly popular and it is now uncommon for a sportsbook not to have an app for their customers to use.

Customers want to know that the site they are thinking of signing up with has an app to use. If you read an Everygame sportsbook review, you will want to know about the app. Apps have definitely changed the way people bet on sports. But what are the benefits of an app over other ways of placing a wager or two?


Why Not Just Use the Mobile Version of a Sportsbook?

 Sometimes it might just be a matter of individual preference. But there are some customer account holders that like to visit the mobile version of their sportsbook via their browser. They may not want to use up memory space on their device or are just used to doing things that way.

But downloading a dedicated mobile app is usually the best way to go. For a start, the apps are specifically designed to be used with the smaller phone screen. That is not always the case when using a site that is being viewed on a mobile phone. Tapping an app icon is also an easier start-off point than browser searching.

Convenience and User Experience

 Whether account holders use an app or a mobile version of a sportsbook, there is no doubt that the convenience of accessing all the familiar features on a handheld device is a major plus. The gambling industry’s move to online was a game-changer – but mobile betting upped the ante.

No one will continue to use a mobile app that is either unresponsive or difficult to figure out. Online betting companies are never slow to make their service easier for their customers to carry out, so betting apps are usually some of the best when it comes to user experience.

App-Only Perks

 Another way that betting operators attract new business is by offering free bets and bonuses to their customers. It is very rare to find a sportsbook that doesn’t offer some kind of welcome bonus – and it is actually something that is expected by potential users now.

 These sportsbooks are also very keen to retain their customers, in what is a very competitive industry. Mobile apps are a very good way of keeping your customers interested and in one place, so it is also common to see app-only bonuses offered. The chance of getting something for nothing is always going to turn a few heads.

App-Only Perks

Live Betting and Live Streaming

 It is not a surprise that the introduction of mobile betting also brought live betting to the forefront of most sportsbooks’ offerings. The sheer number of betting markets and opportunities is a big deal for the sportsbooks and if you are allowing your customers to bet on every aspect of a live event, there will always be more betting.

Using a mobile app for live betting eliminates the need to either find a physical, bricks and mortar sportsbook – or even just log into your home computer. With a mobile app the customer can place their bets wherever they like and whenever they like. They can also watch the action unfold through a live streaming service and make even more informed wagers. 

Integration and Socials

 There seems to be no slowing the uptake of mobile betting apps. In fact, sportsbooks are actively working on how they can keep their customers online even more. As our entire lives now take place on our mobile devices, further integration of payment systems and other tasks is seen as a target for betting companies.

There are also some newer sportsbooks that have launched with social media elements as part of their USP. The option of social media is seen as a way that sportsbooks can differentiate from more established operators. We will see if that is an ultimately successful move. But there is no doubt that sportsbook apps are here to stay.

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