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Technology has made learning and education a lot more accessible and fun. There are hundreds of thousands of apps that aid students, teachers, and parents in making learning more interactive. From maths to science, language to History, there are apps that help you learn and test yourself in a number of ways. These apps are available on both Apple App Store as well as play store play store for Android users. 

Self-study promotes self-confidence, makes you better informed than your peers, and helps you gain exposure beyond the classroom. Parents who home-school their children can use these apps for pre-designed courses, built-in tests, and quizzes for a more engaging and fun learning experience. Teachers or educators can also use these apps for home-based activities or as an extra resource for their students. 

We have researched and picked out the best educational apps that can help students learn and prepare for their academic pursuits. 


Learning Apps for Young Children

Making a good learning base for your toddlers is essential in their early developmental stages. Learning to pronounce and read new words and read is one of the most effective strategies. Some of the best apps for your preschool kids are:

Speech Bulbs 

Speech Bbulbs uses voice and video technology to enhance speaking skills in young children. The app is designed in an interactive way, including puzzles and games to engage young children and help them learn language. There are dozens of interesting topics that attract children to repeat and learn speech including topics like stars, animals and many more. Your child can also learn to sing along! This app also helps children with speech disorders. 

Reading Eggs

Reading eEggs, as the name suggests, helps children learn to read. The large pool of content available in this app involves stories, reading games and app-based fun activities. The app employs all five elements of reading like vocabulary, phonics, phonemic awareness, fluency, and text comprehension. There is a user dashboard where progress is automatically saved for you to keep a check on. This app is well-suited for children between the age of 2 years to 13 years. 

ABC Mmouse

ABC Mmouse combines the four basic subjects for preschool children including: Maths, Reading, World Around Us which combines science,  and social studies, and Arts. These subjects help form a basic yet crucial academic experience for your toddler. The app uses games and voice dictation to help children grasp new concepts like numbers, shapes, and colours. The app is easy to use and very helpful for children aged 3 and above. 

Apps for Middle School Children

Middle school children learn most of their coursework in class with the help of textbooks, peer groups, and teachers. A beyond-the-class learning experience is a great way to boost their self-confidence and help them excel in class. Some apps to help them improve their learning process  include process include:

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a very popular learning app used by both teachers and students. It offers lectures in video format, self-testing quizzes, and a progress dashboard to keep you motivated to learn. The best thing about this app is that it is free to use. With over 4000 video lessons on subjects including science, maths, economics, social sciences, and history, this app provides you with a vast range of topics you can help learn from for your courses or beyond schoolwork. 

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a great tool for inter-class communication between students and teachers. Teachers can assign work, share resources, grade assignments, and take polls to save all class activities in one place. Students can also mark their attendance, produce work using a number of tools like word documents, Google slides, and Spreadsheets, and track pending work through the calendar tool. 

Google Classroom is the best platform for remote classes as it also allows video conferencing through Google Meet. Google Meet supports video and screen sharing to make class presentations a lot easier. Make sure you have a good internet connection with fast speed for an undisturbed session. Cox Internet Plans offers a number of packages that work well for students. 

 Learning Apps for HighschoolersHigh schoolers

The best way to learn in high school for exams is to test yourself. Self-test apps are your go-to learning apps in this phase. Another very important and crucial part of high school education is citing papers. We have recommendations for both!


Quizlet allows you to take subject-based quizzes and learn important notes through flashcards. You can turn your flashcards into a quiz and test yourself. The app provides quick feedback if you’re answering wrong so you can correct it there and then. The app will grade you and let you check your progress. Quizlet also works without the internet so you don’t get distracted by the constant notifications on your phone. 


One of the most crucial parts of writing papers is referencing. When writing in a flow, you can at times forget to reference there and then. RefMe allows you to reference your books in any referencing format. All you need to do is scan your book and choose your preferred format to produce a reference for you. 

To sum up, 

Technology can be a great tool for students to learn and help them ace their academic journey. Students have access to phones all the time. Using technology in a productive way can help you utilize your time spent on the phone and benefit you at the same time!

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