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The changes that we have witnessed in the technological field have been adopted by many as tools to optimize their lives, improve the performance of their ventures and even develop new professional careers. A clear example of this is web development, a specialization that has gained strength in the last decade, earning a place among the most sought-after alternatives among new students. Given the growing popularity of web application development, it is worth analyzing the different changes that have occurred and how the course of this profession has transformed our digital environment.

The role of web applications

 When we talk about web applications, we refer to digital tools that allow users to access much more dynamic and interactive content without the need to install or download software. In other words, web pages have gone from being static and basic to becoming portals that offer us greater interaction with the interface, incorporating functions that we can access using only a web browser.

 The focus of this modality is based on simplification, since the complexity of compatibility with operating systems that mobile applications used to have has been eradicated. This favorable point makes web applications stand out as a viable alternative for businesses since it increases accessibility and improves the user experience by being able to enter remotely from any browser and without additional downloads. In this case, the role of a web app evelopment company is very important.

In order for these programs to run efficiently and fulfill the function for which they have been created, it is necessary to address a deep knowledge of programming. These applications run in specific locations that can be included through web browsers, increasing efficiency and significantly reducing costs for customers.

In summary, these are applications that should not be installed on the devices, since they have already been previously installed on the server that supports the website that we have accessed. Over the years, it has been achieved that the storage of client devices is not compromised, but rather, they can access these applications that are hosted on web servers.

Evolution of web applications

 Technology has always worked efficiently through the incorporation of new resources that are gradually being discovered. This combination of aspects manages to reach much higher levels of efficiency, lowering costs and increasing productivity. This is exactly what has happened with web applications, which used to focus only on text and images, and which gave life to a portal, making it more modern. Subsequently, an important addition was web forms, an essential resource for brands to be able to collect customer data and create targeted strategies through digital marketing.

Over time, some important resources were arriving that remain to this day as an essential part of a platform, such as CGI programs. This technology gave rise to the growth of web applications since the communication between client and server optimized the request for data from software running on the server. In this way, much more complete web applications were born that tremendously improve the quality of the service.

Gradually, some other names began to become relevant, such as the use of cookies to store browsing data. This aspect in particular became a fundamental element for the functions in web applications to be much more extensive and to reach a new level in the quality of these resources, making them look more modern and attractive to the client.

 Step by step we were evidencing how the content became more interactive and visual, finally arriving at the technology that provides us with Flash, an indispensable resource for the creation of dynamic content, with explanatory animations that boosted the efficiency of the web. Added to this is the use of new programming languages that will allow much more efficient and complex results to be achieved, such as PHP, JavaScript, or Python, three of the most popular that opened the door to the new era of web apps.

Although we are not close to reaching the full potential of the resources offered by web applications, we have recently seen how CMS technology has allowed us to access things like WordPress or Presta Shop that make it easy to include modern resources on the web. We can also see how there are more and more web development Frameworks, such as Laravel 9, Django, Flutter, and Xamarin, which allow the creation of more advanced apps with superior utility. 

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