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Making music on a smartphone has become quite trending. There are thousands of Music recording apps that can help you to compose your own music. We believe that if we make a proper use of these apps, we could actually compose something good out of it. I have tested a few apps & have personally chosen the top free app that can help you become a successful musician. So today we are bringing you the Top 5 music recording apps on Playstore. 

The top 5 music recording apps on Android Play Store

5Mix Pads: Drum pad & DJ Audio Mixer

Top in the list of Top 5 Music recording apps, Mix Pads is one of the most professional free Android music production apps that you can have. This app comes with a different loop presets that can be dynamically used with the combination of one or more presets.

If you have a Looper pedal, then with this app, you can make some awesome compositions using the same presets but different patterns. One of the best thing about this app is, you can record whatever you are playing live. You also get some decent EQ’s & some cool effects that you can use if you are changing from one loop to other.


  • Amazing presets.
  • Can Play a Loop for hours
  • Easy Recording


  • Can’t use multiple genres at once

4Trap Drum Pad 24: Make Beats & Music

Trap Drum Pad 24 is another amazing music production app that is available on iOS & Android. This app allows you to use different presets to compose music. One of the best parts of this app is that it has a refreshing preset library that you can install on your in-app.

There are also a few libraries that can be purchased, but if you don’t have money, then you still have an option to watch the video to utilize the library. This app is a free App & comes with some interesting presentes library. If you are into electronic, hip-hop or any sci-music, then this app is perfect for you to compose your music


  • New Preset Library
  • Can have access to rich presets for free


  • Can’t loop the song for long.
  • It still needs some improvement in UI


Figure is one of the latest apps that helps to create musically in a few simple ways. This app utilizes 3 elements that are drums, base & lead to composing your music. The best part of this app is that you can tweak the instrument pattern and create your own tone. Once you set your tone, you can set the pattern in the given numeric pattern.

One of the best parts is that you can you can set tempo through master settings. Once you set the temp on one key, it will automatically adjust. With this, you also have a Master EQ feature, through which you can adjust volume for individual instrument.


  • Easy to use
  • Amazing Master setting
  • You have control of the tempo of your tone


  • Not  that easy for the first timer
  • Basic UI

2 Loop Pad DJ Electro Music Simulator

Loop Pad DJ Electro Music Simulator is another app similar to Mix Pads, in which you can use different presets to compose music. One of the best parts of this app is it’s presets. It has more presets in one windows than the Mix Pads.

The only thing you have to do is, define the presets and play accordingly. It has some amazing switching FX that make the switch flawless. One of the cool features is that you can change your mix and your sound real-time. Also, you can give individual existing preset different pattern depending on your music style.


  • Easy to use
  • A lot of presets available
  • You can play along with individual presets separately


  • Not easy for a beginner
  • A lot of features can make you confused

1 Remixlive – drum & play loops

This is one of the best music production plugins for DJ’s. It comes with a lot more options than any of the music production app & is more versatile. You have different presets that you can keep in a loop and also along with that, you can run play drum realtime on the back of the loop.  

If you want to recompose one of the existing Movie songs, then this app allows you to import the file & re-compose it. Apart from all this, you can change the tempo of the song in real time, which makes it quite handy during a live performance.


  • Easy to use
  • A lot of presets
  • Arranged properly


  • Need better smartphone to run this featureful app smoothly
  • Crash issue on low-end smartphones.

These are the top 5 apps through which you can be a music producer with no budget. The only thing that you will need a smartphone & the app listed above. If you have some of the apps that you think can be added to the list above, we welcome you to share it with us in the comment below.

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