In today’s fast-paced world along with the emerging technologies, everyone seems to busy with their mobile phones, computers, and tablets. Though staring at your mobile screen can get boring sometimes. That’s why in this segment we have prepared a list of Top 10 Android games that will help you get out of boredom.


List Top 10 Entertaining Android Games

  • Plant Vs Zombies

Download Plants vs Zombies

Plant Vs Zombies: One of the oldest game in this list, Plant vs Zombies is about a war between plants and zombies. I don’t know the back story but according to me only plant’s are left in this zombies apocalypse and they are fighting with the zombies. Pretty fun and addictive game, Plant vs Zombie can entertain you while you wait at the airport for your boarding.

  • 2048


Download 2048

2048: Love maths? Love to show people that you are smart? Well play this game and show everyone how smart are you. One of the most addictive game, 2048 stayed inside my phone for more than 2 years. The game is about adding two same prime numbers together to form a bigger number inside a fixed square box.

  • Major Mayhem/Major Mayhem 2:

Download Major Mayhem/Major Mayhem 2

Major Mayhem/Major Mayhem 2: If you are a fan of action games then Major Mayhem is a perfect game for you. Recently the second part of the game is launched on the play store with better graphics, new villains, and a new story. The first part is portraying our Major who is fighting the bad guys in order to save the world. The second part is the sequence, and after saving the world, Major goes on a vacation with his love. But bad guys attacked them, and now this is the time to save the vacation. Try it on your own and see how addictive this game is.

  • Dunk a lot:

Download Dunk a lot

Dunk a lot: I added this title just for the fans of sports. A basketball game when all you have to do is dunk to make a better score. I’ve played this game with my friends to see who can make the better score. Best game to play during boring lectures.

  • High Risers:

Download High Risers

High Risers: All you have to do is jump to get high. A pretty fun game which I mastered personally. High Risers is about a school student who does nothing but to jump over the building levels one by one to get as high as possible.

  • Once Upon a Tower:

Download Once Upon a Tower

Once Upon a Tower: Just as the name suggests, this game is portraying a story of a princess locked inside a tower and a dragon. A pretty fun game to play when you are getting bored inside a cab or metro.

  • Pako:

Download Pako

Pako: This one is personally my favorite game, driving a car and running from the cops is what I used to do in GTA many years ago, and now a game with the same police chase concept Pako is my favorite. The wide variety of cars and maps to play with make the game most interesting. My favorite type of car is the muscle car, paly Pako and find what’s your favorite car.

  • Dan The Man:

Download  Dan the Man

Dan The Man: From the creators of Jetpack Joyride and Fruit Ninja. Dan the Man is a brawler title mixed with the action genre. Short levels and bosses to fight with, this game gives the Nostalgic feel.

  • Pako 2:

Download Pako 2

Pako 2: Sequel to my personal favorite Pako. This game offers the better graphics more cars and some small objectives to follow. The police chase is still there, but the environment is completely changed. I still love the Pako more than Pako 2 but sill it’s worth mentioning.

  • Prize Fighters:

Download Prizefighters

Prize Fighters: An action sort of arcade game, Prizefighters is one of the best boxing game I’ve ever played. I was a boxer, and while playing this game, I felt the extreme pleasure. Best for the times before classes and during your daily commute. I’llmake 2-3 minutes to finish a bout.



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