Transferring WhatsApp Chat

There are many smartphones across the world. Among them, the most common are Androids and iOS. Across the globe, iOS smartphones have a higher number of users – although android has the highest. Probably, you have recently purchased a new iPhone and want to transfer your WhatsApp chats from the old Android device. So, if you’re in such a situation, will it be possible? This is because, when you look at WhatsApp’s FAQ, they claim you can’t transferring WhatsApp chat. 

Nonetheless, there are different methods you can use. So, to transfer your WhatsApp Messenger chat to the new iPhone, you need to look at this tutorial for better understanding. 


Top methods to transfer WhatsApp chats from your android to iOS

There are different recommended methods you can use to transfer your WhatsApp chat to iOS. Let’s explore some of these methods: 

1 Click Method 

This is the simplest and most effective solution you can use to transfer your WhatsApp to your iPhone. You can do it through Backuptrans, an application allowing you to transfer all WhatsApp data from the android device to another device. And one more thing nowadays so many is using Whatsapp web to send or receive messages. If you want to log in laptop or desktop by using this

Some of the benefits you get with 1 click are moving the chat safely without deleting original data or resetting devices, fast transfer of the chat, move data across different operating systems, and supports countless android devices. Again, this method also works for all iPhone, iPod, and iPad models. 

Nevertheless, to have a clear understanding, check more information at

Without PC 

The other method you can use to move your WhatsApp to iPhone from an Android device will not require a PC. In this method, you need to use another app called Wutsapper. The app is usually available in Google Play. 

The good thing, Wutsapper supports the process of transferring WhatsApp data across different devices – including Android to iPhone. And you don’t need a computer. 

If you want to use this method, you need two phones and an OTG cable. Then you will open Wutsapper to transfer. 

Use a New Phone Number 

Perhaps you want to change to a new iPhone with a new number. Then, you’re lucky because WhatsApp has you covered. Most people would fear because they may not access their backup after changing their number. 

To restore your previous WhatsApp chat backup, you have to use the same phone number. This could be a simple trick for you to transfer WhatsApp data by switching your numbers. 

The process is simple. Get your new number and put it on your Android phone. Ensure both your numbers are active. When you launch WhatsApp, change your account to a new number. 

Take a backup on your local storage and use the new number with your iPhone. 


There are tools you can use to transfer your WhatsApp chats from your Android to your iPhone. However, only a few of these are genuine such as Backuptrans. Before you can try any tool, ensure you read the user review.


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