Tubemate APK – The Tubemate app for Android is a YouTube downloader that allows you to take the videos offline in a format of your choice. Tubemate also allows users to encode audio and convert the YouTube video into an MP3 file for an easier audio listening experience.

Tubemate APK

There are many features in this app. Do you know it? You can use this app without paying money. Moreover, there are unlimited features that you have never enjoyed.

Tubemate APK YouTube Downloader App Features

As I said before, there are many features to get rid of stress. You don’t need to worry if you are not friendly with technological products because this app is user-friendly, and you will frequently become a friend of this app. Do you want to know the features of this app? Stay with me! That’s great because I am just going to enjoy the features.


It is not a prominent feature, but it is beneficial because you can receive notifications from your interested publishers. For example, some people love to watch movies; if you are one of these people who love watching trailers of movies, you don’t need to go anywhere else. Moreover, many people love to watch TV shows. Therefore, if you have a craze for TV Shows, then you have to subscribe to the category of TV Shows to receive notifications. In this way, you will never miss your favorite show.


In this modern era, it is not easy to use the latest technology for everyone. There is only one thing that can make everything easy for you. And this thing is the only way to get friendly with the new technologies. You don’t need to worry if you are not friendly with technological products because this app is user-friendly, and you will frequently become a friend of this app. There are no complications, but everything is simple to use. I hope you will enjoy all the features of this app.


Are you looking for the trailers of movies? Then, you will receive a notification when a trailer of a movie comes on the market. Some people love to watch trailers, but many people work with the trailers. So, if you have a craze for trailers of movies, this application will help you enjoy yourself in your free time.


Many people from different sides of the world love to watch movies free of cost. If you are one of these people who love watching movies free of cost, you should prefer Tubemate App Download. Moreover, there are different types of movies like Bollywood Movies, Hollywood Movies, Action Movies, Funny Movies, Thrill Movies, Romantic Movies, and much more. If you are looking for this type of entertainment, you should download and install Tubemate App Download.


Dramas were always popular among the people of different sides of the world. In this modern era, people love to watch dramas. If you also love watching dramas, you don’t need to miss this chance because this app provides this facility free of cost.

A Universal Video and Audio Download Tool

TubeMate is an Android emulator app for Windows that lets you download videos from different video platforms. Before downloading your favorite online learning videos, you may select the resolution and format of the video.

Downloading Videos

TubeMate makes downloading videos simple and easy. To download, you need to use the app’s inbuilt search functionality. Type the name of the video you’d like to download, and the video shall appear with the option to download. You may choose video resolution at this point. Unlike a few other video download apps, TubeMate lets you download more than one video at a time. If you choose multiple videos for download, TubeMate would queue and download them simultaneously.

Formats Supported

TubeMate supports multiple video formats, including mp4, avi, and 3gp. If you choose to download only the audio and not the video, you may do that too by choosing the mp3 format at the time of download. Give the tool a few minutes to do its job. The actual time it takes to download a video would depend on the resolution you pick and the video size.

Why choose Tubemate APK Youtube Downloader App in 2021?

Tubemate APK – Many apps are available in the market that allows users to watch any video streaming. As you know, most people use YouTube to watch live to a stream of any video. However, on YouTube, users can’t download videos to watch offline mode. Furthermore, due to this thing, users have bored. The reason is that some users have not enough time to watch live videos.

Tubemate is an app like YouTube, which has all kinds of video streaming. You can watch live videos of dramas, movies, songs, animals, news, trailers, and many others. It is providing all videos for free cost in HD format. Moreover, you can easily download any of your favorite videos from TubeMate.


This app is also providing facilities for sports fans to watch sports videos according to their wishes. For example, cricket fans can watch cricket streaming of any tournament on this app. Moreover, the fans of hockey can also watch live hockey tournaments on this app. It doesn’t matter where it is tournament holding. This app provides you with live to a stream of any tournament in the world. Furthermore, Football, tens, ball, and boxing competitions are also present on this app.


Some people are crazy about the news. They hear all the news about anything—the people who hear news are always searching for the best news channels. I suggested for those people that they should use Tubemate to watch any news streaming. The reason is that it has news about politics, sports, movies, dramas, education, and much more. Additionally, you can also watch your favorite news channel on this app.

Free to Use

As compared to other apps, Tubemate is free of cost for all users. However, one thing should be in your mind that you should have a stable internet connection and an internet-supported device.

How to Download Tubemate Apk App

You are just in the last step because there is an Application file to download on your device. So let’s talk about the steps to download and install this application.

  • First of all, you should have an android device.
  • To save the APK file, there should be enough storage space.
  • To download the APK, you now have to click on the given button below.
  • It will not start instantly, but you have to wait for some moments.
  • You have to install this app after downloading it.
  • Before installing the app, maybe it will ask for some permissions to access your device’s resources.
  • You have to allow all permissions.
  • After allowing the permissions, installing process will start automatically.
  • Now, wait for some moments.
  • Please take in your mind that you don’t need to root your android device.
  • Enjoy!

Pros of Tubemate

  1. It is completely free to use, and there are no hidden charges as well.
  2. You will be able to browse YouTube videos directly.
  3. The downloading speed is also very fast in this application.
  4. You will be able to pause the video anytime in this application.
  5. This application allows you to download a video in any format, such as 240p, 480p, HD, and Full HD.
  6. You will be able also to convert the YouTube videos to audio files as well.

Cons of TubeMate

  1. You can find it difficult to download videos sometimes.
  2. Then to download the media converter if you want to download videos of the highest quality.
  3. You might see crashes in some cases while you download the video.
  4. Sometimes you might feel that you are not able to download the videos with the highest speed possible.

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