Turbo Car Racing is a free racing game for Android devices. This game is designed and developed by Speed Car Studio. This game reminds me of the old Kart racing games that we use to play in our small box, but the Turbo Car racing game is more fun because you can race endlessly.


There is no mission you have to achieve & no tasks to complete; all you have to do is just race. While racing all you have to do is look from on your vehicle specifications. Things get tricky while racing when another car gives an indicator. When you play this game make sure that your eyes are in front.

This game has a very less features because it is easy to understand and play. It is extremely simple to play. To speed up the car, all you have to do is just tap on your screen and tilt towards the side you want to take a run. The most annoying thing is the pop-up ads you see, which annoys us from being. Better to check chilibitegames for all gaming stuff.

Turbo Car Racing Features:

  1. Earn cash to unlock and upgrade new vehicles and buy need stuff.
  2. 9 paint color choices
  3. Customize your car



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