Which of the Following are True about Android Apps
Android Apps

Do you own an Android smartphone or any other Android device? Life is easy when you are using an Android device. You get to play a lot of games, weather information, explore the world of news, and so on. You can even thousands of books online through these Android apps. These apps are easy to download and sometimes it is free of cost. Sometimes you download these apps without doing some background check.

Let’s understand a few basic information about these apps.

What is a Mobile App?

A mobile app is a software program that is available in different operating systems ready to download through your smartphone or any other device.

What is the need of downloading and using these apps?

You can download various apps by using internet access to your device. But you need to remember that few apps do not work on all mobile devices. When you have purchased a smartphone device, then you can use the apps that are compatible with its operating system. For example, if you use an Android phone, you need to visit Google Play Store to download the apps. If you are an Apple user, then you can use only Apple Store for downloading apps. You might find that there are various online retailers like Amazon, Flipkart who has their app store. So, the basic thing is you need to use that store that is compatible with your operating system and device manufacturer. However, you need to pay money if you are using apps that aren’t free.

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Why Few Apps are Free of Cost?

The software development companies deliver this app free of cost sometimes and few apps are free in app stores. There are many ways through the software developers can bring the money to themselves, and these are:

  • You will find that there are companies that are selling their advertisement space at no cost inside the app. But the developers earn money through these ads. This is the reason they deliver a few apps free of cost so that they can gain maximum users.
  • When the developers launch an app, they offer the basic version free. But they charge the money when they launch the upgraded version of the app. This updated version is the paid version and contains more advanced features and specifications.
  • You can pay money to buy the advanced version of few apps inside the app. However, software companies charge you the money for these in-app purchases. Though, few smartphones won’t allow you to purchase this kind of apps.

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What Types of Data Can Apps Access?

You might see that when you download an app from the store, it asks for your permission to gain access to your phone. Few apps do access the below information from your phone:

  • E-mail contacts and phone contacts
  • Device Location
  • Calendar data
  • Unique ID
  • Internet Data
  • Call Logs

However, few apps gain access to your critical information stored on your device, while only use the data required for its operation.

But you need to keep in mind what kind of data you want to share with these apps. Every time you visit a web page, and apps you use, and various content you go through regularly might get shared with other companies. However, you can have a check on these apps and the kind of information they share. For this purpose, you need to tap Settings, press, the “privacy” settings on your Android device. Then you need to search the process to back out from the data collection in the privacy section.

How to Determine What the App will Share or Access?

It is always difficult to understand which app will use what kind of specific data from your phone. So, you need to do a background check of the app, like what is its use, and who developed it? You will find various information about the app history, developer name, and other details. The developers that are reliable and trustworthy will provide you their web address and contact information. If you do not see any contact information then you need not download this suspicious app on your phone.

But Android users have the chance to go through these permissions before you install the app. It is better to go through it carefully. You need to read the instructions and its history. The app will ask what information it requires from your device. You need to think about the permissions and analyze their purpose.

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Why Some App Require Your Location Data?

Few apps require your location data when you are on the move. These apps provide information about your nearby stores, maps, or if your family or friends are nearby also, click here to enjoy your family life. Some apps also share these location data through your field of interest.

When you approve the permission in an app, it receives your location access, and it continues to do so until you change the location settings. However, you can disable this location data if you do not want to share your location data. When you perform this action, the app won’t share your location details.

This is the reason that your phone carrier manages all your call efficiently through these location settings. Turning off your location details cannot prevent your phone to share its location data.

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Is It Necessary to Update the Apps?

When an update is available on your phone for a specific app, it immediately prompts you to update it. Updating the app and your operating system is necessary as it enhances the system’s performance and keeps it in optimal condition. If you update your phone regularly, then it protects your phone from malware and virus attacks. Your device life is also improved when you update apps and the operating system.

Do Apps affect the Phone with Malware?

You need to protect your device from hackers as they are on a continuous hunt to hack your phone and steal vital information in your phone. These hackers can develop powerful apps that are potentially dangerous and can affect your device. You can observe a few changes in your phone when it is hacked. It will send automatic calls and text messages without your consent. So, these are the possible indications of hacking. Click here how to fix a hacked Android phone.


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