Google Pixel 7

In the present competitive market buying a smartphone has become an increasingly difficult and tiresome experience. The market has become progressively saturated with the launch of a new phone every other week, puzzling the already perplexed consumers further. According to recent statistics, people on average change their phones every year, the reason being smartphones are specifically designed to be changed every 2-3 years. This is the primary reason why every smartphone company pushes a bunch of models every year to capitalize on this trend without putting any effort into consumer needs or research. 

The Google Pixel series is, however, changing that and has become the new talk of the tech industry. With the recent launch of Google Pixel 7a and the upcoming launch of Pixel 8 right around the corner, Google is moving forward with a disruptive mindset and is closely converging on global smartphone market dominance. 


The Success Story 

What Google has so far accomplished is nothing less than glaring success. It has launched a mid-range phone that has a better camera, performance, hardware, software, and updates than most flagships. The most important thing is the price point that they are offering all these specs at. The Google Pixel 7 Pro at $900 is a great option if we compare its competitors. The shocking thing that the newly launched Pixel 7a provides consumers with is the same features that too at a $499 price point. Moreover, with its regular updates and classy features, it’s a phone that can last you more than 5 years while solidifying itself as the new benchmark for the mid-range phone. 

Future Predictions for the Pixel Lineup

According to recent rumors, the Pixel 8 is supposed to be a comprehensive experience that will revolutionize the tech industry. Google is trying to convert the little phone that we carry in our pockets to a low-mid-range laptop or PC. It seeks to end the days of carrying those heavy bags with laptops and keeping unmovable ugly PCs at home. Do you really think that’s possible? I, for one, do not think so, at least for the next 5 years.

Wondering what the features are? Let check them out:

Design & Build Quality

Since the launch of the first Pixel phone, Google has made great leaps and bounds in design for its latest products. The 7a features a bold design similar to the 7 and 7 Pro. It features the same built quality with classy single-color back panel and camera strip like the Pixel 7s. It offers more colorways with a satin aluminum frame for the camera. There are however a few differences, including a plastic back instead of glass and a smaller 6.1-inch display with an IP67 rating instead of IP68.  

Camera Capabilities

The camera is one of the biggest plus points of the Pixel phones since the launch of the Pixel 5. With its AI optimization and optimal flow technology, the Pixels take the best photos, even in low and dimming light. The 7a features a 64MP main sensor with a quad PD Sony sensor and the ultrawide has a 13MP nominal resolution lens. Holding the 2nd best camera ranking among flagship phones, the 7a is a treat for consumers with its natural colors, video stabilization, good exposure, stable autofocus, accurate depth, and a scary good ultra-wide camera. 

Performance & Hardware

Most brands do not offer their best chipset for their lower-end phones but with Google, you have it all. The 7a features the latest Google Tensor G2 chip that it uses in its flagship 7 Pro. The chip is weaker than Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 and Gen 1 with mediocre GPU for gaming. However, that is not the reason why people go for the Pixel lineup. Powered by machine learning and AI technology it makes up for the lack of raw power by offering other staggering features. 


One of the smartest phones in the market, the software is one thing where Google can claim that they spared no expense. Packed with a bunch of amazing features is a joy for Android lovers. For instance, it can automatically identify the music near it and has a game-changing voice-dictation feature that converts text-to-speech with 99% accuracy. Moreover, Direct My Call is another amazing feature to avoid the mother-in-law or the customer service agent. 

Battery Life & Charging

The 7a features a decent battery comprising a 4,385mAh cell that can last 24 hours. However, wireless and wired charging could have been better.  

Price & Value Proposition

$499 may sound a lot, but similar smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy A52/A54, OnePlus Nord 2, Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite, Realme GT Master Edition, Motorola Edge 20, iPhone SE, and Oppo Reno 6 all fall behind in both features when it comes to the 7a. Moreover, you can grab the 7a at discounts for $450 on either Amazon or the official Google store. 

Wrapping Up,

At $499 with almost flagship-like features the Pixel 7a is a no-brainer with none of its competitors in the same price range or even higher coming close to what the phone can do. Finally, for the best experience, a crystal-clear connection, and HD streaming, Xfinity mobile data deals are bang for the buck. That’s not all if your mobile data fails you, Xfinity internet has got you covered with their 20 million hotspots across 41 states. So, hurry up and get your phone plan now!


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