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In a matter of a few decades, the online gaming industry has boomed. While it’s already achieved several milestones, crossing $159 billion in active users by 2020 was the biggest achievement.

The gaming industry at the moment is among the fastest-scaling industry on the planet. In 2022 the estimated revenues for online gaming are expected to be around $196 billion. Multiple factors could be seen as contributing to this massive growth, but the availability of internet access across the globe is the biggest contributor. The Internet has brought more and more people within the reach of online games. 

Online gaming is now a lot more than playing a video game on your PC. The gaming world has gone live and real-time gaming has settled under the skins of modern-day gamers. The perfect mix of skills, experience, knowledge, and the element of luck and fortune make online gaming desirable for gaming enthusiasts. Within those gaming enthusiasts, some of the top players call gaming their full-time job, as they work as coaches or boosters in Valorant and other competitive games.

A large portion of the gaming population comprises teens and gaming companies are aware of this fact. They design games to specifically attract the teenage population across the globe. 

The shift from single-user games to multiplayer online games is unprecedented. An increasing number of online multiplayer games and social networking websites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter where gamers collaborate and get inspired by fellow gamers is a big boost to the cause. 

Playing games can benefit you in many ways, for instance, they have coupled social, emotional, and cognitive benefits for those who play them in a limited time frame. Since gaming requires a level of interaction with the game you are playing, it is always better than plain vanilla television watching. 

While the stereotypical approach was to discard online gaming because it wastes a lot of time, there are many benefits of gaming that you might want to know. 

Gaming improves thinking skills:

Games, especially puzzle games online force you into decision making, your performance in the game will depend on the decisions you make at different levels of the game. Thus with the passage of time players understand the value of correct decision-making. This develops the skill of listening carefully to instructions and following them. Critical evaluation of problems and finding the best possible solution to those problems come alongside. 

Apart from this-

  • Gaming makes people vigilant of small details because small details make a huge difference in their gaming performance. 
  • Games inculcate situation awareness in people and enable them to adapt quickly to changing situations. Not only to adapt but act accordingly. 
  • Problem-solving accuracy is increased as games propose challenging situations. 

puzzle games online

Games help manage emotions:

Games make people realize the hard fact that things don’t always go as planned, there will be times when things don’t fall your way and the manner in which you react to those situations will decide your fate in similar situations in the future. Gaming is full of surprising and unexpected events,  twists and turns are synonymous with gaming it helps gamers to acclimatize to changing situations.

  •  Gaming phases out the importance of regulating and managing one’s emotions while in a game because not doing so will bring about your downfall in the game. 
  • Gaming consistently makes you learn how to calm yourself down when things are going against you. Because situations keep changing, even if they seem to be completely against you at the moment, there will come a time when situations will favor you. 
  • Playing online games makes you resilient to small twists and turns of life. 
  • Online gaming improves your social skills:
  • Gaming is often misunderstood as an isolating activity. 

Gaming reduces stress:

In the modern age when everyone is crippled under stress resulting from various domains of personal and professional life, recreational activities are something badly needed by all. While most outdoor recreational activities are far from reach given the busy schedule, online gaming is still the best way to achieve it. 

playing online games has proven effects on reducing cortisol, which is one of the major stress hormones. Studies have revealed that online gaming can reduce cortisol by up to 17%. Thus, stress levels that can potentially lead to a number of serious health issues can be efficiently kept under check in a fun way that is by devoting some time to gaming. 

Gaming develops social skills:

Modern-day parents always complain about their children not socializing enough and staying stubborn, this is mostly due to the nuclear families and lack of outdoor gaming facilities. However online gaming is a fun way socializing can be practiced and social skills can be developed. When Children play online games they either play with their friends and strengthen their bond with their existing friends or make new friends in the process. Online games often make you collaborate with random players and sometimes the sync is so good that you connect with the players even outside of the game. 

  • Gaming makes one learn collaboration and teamwork skills. 
  • It helps one to have a good understanding of the behavior of people. 
  • It also helps in peer-to-peer learning. 

All in all, gaming isn’t as bad as it is portrayed by some people whose eyes are overshadowed by stubbornness. Gaming can actually prove to be your ally provided undertaken in controllable proportions. 


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