Just a day before the new year, all the Mi A1 users are getting the Android Oreo update on their devices. This is an official release of the Android Oreo. The update came today early morning, which has a lot of improvident over the Android 7.1.2 (it’s so obvious).

In this new update we can see the revamp design of the notification bar, where you can now see theĀ  profile, edit & settings at the end. Along with this they have also updated the calling screen (It’s so much with colors). Apart from this, one of the biggest update is the Picture In Picture mode, which was long waited for the device, but unfortunately it does not executes properly. Along with all this, they have also added a support to VR, which is yet to test in the device.

What has really changed in the device is the camera. The camera in the Android Oreo has improved a lot, where the auto-focus has improved & has become more accurate, which was the biggest issue when the device was bought. With the auto-focus, they have also improved the color correction in the camera, which is a huge update.


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