Best Root Apps 2018 – Rooting is the best tweak for every Android phone. You will fully unlock and access root access to your device after rooting. So, here I am sharing some of the best Android apps to root Android phones. There are lots of advantages & disadvantages for rooting your mobile. Well, Benefits are in majority. So choose any root app from the best root apps listed below.


Android is used for communicating, chatting, listening to songs, and all. But some peoples act like developers, or you can say, some people are Tech Freak (Like Me! šŸ˜› ) who tests something new on their device. So we need the best root apps to root the android mobile phone with simple steps.

What is Android Root?

Rooting is the process that unlocks your device fully. You are granted to access the root of your phone after this process. You can change IMEI number, Android ID, or can access lots of internal features of your mobile. If you are a ROM lover, you can install different awesome Custom ROM’s on your Android phone after rooting.

Whenever you come to Root your Android, the first question appears in your mind is: How to root an Android phone? There are two methods for it. In first, you need a PC or Laptop and the second one is, using some Rooting apps for Android. I recommend the Second method first, so you can easily root your Android without using Computer.

The second question that appears on your mind is: Which are the best rooting apps for Android? Yeah! It’s a nice question, let me answer this.

Top 5 Best Apps To Root Any Android Phone

Here I am sharing the top 5 best root appsĀ 2018 to root any Android phone, that will help you to root the android mobile phone. Trust me, you are going to know about the best root apps on the internet.

#1. FarmaRoot

FarmaRoot is one of the best root appsĀ for Android devices. You can easily root your device in a single click using the FarmaRoot app on your phone. Well, it’s not sure that your device can be root easily using this app. If your phone isn’t rooted by this, you can check our 4 more rooting apps describes below. I hope you can root your phone successfully with these apps. Here is the download link for FarmaRoot:

#2. iRoot

iRoot is the second-best app to root any Android phone. If your device isn’t rooted in FarmaRoot, then you can try this one. I hope you can easily root your device with iRoot. It’s also available for Windows, so you can also try out it on your Computer. Here is the download link for the iRoot app:

#3. Z4Root

Z4Root is also used for rooting old devices. For example Sony, HTC, Motorola, Samsung’s old devices. The above listed 2 apps can be used for new models of any mobile. But if your mobile is so old and you want to root it, then this is the best app for you. You have 99% to root your phone is single click with this app. Here is the download link for z4Root:

#4. Towel Root

Towel root is another best application to root any Android phone. It has more chances to root your device in a single click without any failure issue. It is best for HTC devices, We tried it on our Samsung and HTC mobile and it works fine for both, that’s why I am sharing it here. Here is the download link for Towel Root:

#5. Root Master

If you tried all 4 apps, listed above and still you aren’t able to root your phone, then this one is for you. You can root your Android mobile using the Root Master app in the single click. No need to use a PC or any other device. I recommend trying out the above-given apps first because that were the best apps for this purpose. Here is the download link for Root master:

Last words – So there were the top 5 Android apps to root any Android phone in 2018. If you are facing any problem in rooting your device, feel free to comment below. I will reply to you shortly.


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