save money properly

Surely each of us at least once, but tried to save money. Usually we do it in order to fulfill some dream or collect them just “to be”. Not everyone manages to save the accumulated amount and not to spend it all at once on a new, and perhaps even unnecessary thing. 

Sometimes we do not notice how quickly from our salary is the smallest part. It would seem: once went to the grocery store, almost “nothing” to buy and the money was gone. Today we will learn how to save money properly. Check a link


1. Set a goal.

First, you should set a clear goal that you’re working toward. This will give you the motivation not to spend, but to set aside an extra penny. For example, if you have always wanted a cool car, why not start saving for one right now? Or your soul yearns to travel halfway around the world and see different countries, get new emotions, relax, and all this would be well organized in the best conditions so that the trip would be unforgettable? Your dream is your incentive to bring joy into your life. So it is very important to be clear about what you want.

2. Do not go shopping on an empty stomach.

This is a very standard and hackneyed scheme about how quickly and easily money can be wasted. Sometimes when we go shopping, we do it after a hard day’s work, when we don’t feel like cooking anything, preferring to stock up on ready-made products, which often consist of carbohydrates, because it is tasty, convenient and doesn’t take up extra time and energy. However, an extra serving of chips or sandwiches can hit not only the stomach but also the wallet. When we go to the store hungry, we feel like eating an elephant. In fact, a standard meal is enough for the rest of the day. Very well we are encouraged to such purchases by the smell of fresh buns. On this basis, we often buy completely unnecessary food, which is certainly not good for the wallet, because in a state of hunger, we can not even think about how much money we spend at a time. Therefore, if you want to be frugal and more rational with your budget, it is best to come to the store full. Read Kirill Yurovskiy

3. Give up bad habits.

Yes, you are probably being told from under every pipe that bad habits are bad for your health and that it is best to get rid of them as soon as possible. This is correct reasoning, because smoking and drinking alcohol does indeed make our physical health worse, but have you ever thought about how much money you could have saved if those extra “pennies” hadn’t been spent on a pack of cigarettes or a bottle of beer back then? The next time you feel like buying something unhealthy, it’s better to put the money away somewhere in a distant drawer. If you do it regularly, in a year or few years you will thank yourself because extra money never hurts, and your health will improve, and that is always more important than anything else.

4. Give up frequent trips to cafes.

In between work, we sometimes visit some coffee shops that are nearby to drink a cup of coffee, along with a delicious dessert but do not forget that the cafe food is much more expensive than the most common store. So it’s better to take food with you or in a pinch, go to the store.

5. Take advantage of discounts.

Nowadays shopping on the Internet is fast, convenient and does not take much effort, as it used to be. You just need to browse the website, order and use the goods to your health. Moreover, at many sites the price of goods can be much lower than in a regular store. And besides, in most cases, purchases are delivered right near your home. Today on the Internet you can use a lot of different plushkas, which are not in the store, and which will help you save money, track the statistics of the prices of goods and find the most worthy price of products. Thanks to this, you won’t be overpaying for nothing. Also, many bloggers create their own promo codes that provide a discount at certain online stores.

6. Always make a shopping list.

We often overpay for unnecessary products not only because we come to the store hungry, but also when we don’t know clearly what we want. It is best to think about what products we need for the house before we go to the store. We should write it all down so that we don’t get too much stuff in the store from not knowing what we can’t do without and what can wait until next month. When you come to the department store, it is best to decide right away what you need and what will be a waste of money. Decide whether an extra chocolate bar will do you good.

7. Buy in wholesale stores.

Wholesale stores are not that rare. They can actually be inexpensive to buy all the products you need for a month in advance and no longer have to worry about what you need to buy in the store today.

8. Use discount cards.

If you often go to the same stores, then it is not superfluous to buy a discount card, which will save at least a small, but still, at least some percentage of your money. Moreover, for some of them you can save bonuses and buy things at half price.


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