Mirror Android to PC Method: Do you want to see your Android screen on a Big screen? Do you want to cast capture images on a big screen? If yes, this post is going to be more helpful to you. In this article, I am going to share a method that helps to mirror Android to PC or Cast Android screen on Windows 10. This is a very small tutorial and simple trick about Android and Windows 10. This method is called ‘Cast Screen‘ method for Android.



How To Mirror Android to PC – Latest Method

I have Windows 10 and recently, I was checking its features. So, I found some useful features in Windows 10 PC that I didn’t hear earlier. So, I tried few of them. There is an option for Android Cast Screen. This feature allows you to mirror Android to PC (Windows 10). You can easily watch movies, pics, and videos.

In this article, we will share a simple method in which you don’t need to have any other devices. It just required your Android phone and Windows 10 installed PC or Laptop. We are sharing a step-by-step guide here that helps you to mirror Android to PC. This method saves the time that you waste on connecting your Android phone via USB cable. So, read this guide and make your work wireless.

Requirements For Mirror Android To PC – Windows 10 Cast Screen

  • Laptop or PC with Windows 10
  • Android Phone or Tablet (Cast Screen Enabled)

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Android Cast Screen Problems: Updated Solution

When we tried this method on several devices, we found some issues on various devices. So, if you get any problem with Android Cast Screen with Windows 10, please read this solution here:

  • You must have wifi driver installed on your Windows 10. This trick works on WiFi, so you must enable this feature as well.
  • Android phone must have Android Cast Screen.
  • You PC/Laptop must have Windows 10 and it must have Windows 10 with the latest update 1607 build.

How To Check Cast Screen on Android Phone

1. Open Android phone setting and click on Display setting.

2. Now, you have an option ‘Cast Screen’.

Tip: If you don’t have any option for Cast Screen on your android phone, you can download apps from Google Play Store to do the same task on Android phone.

How To Cast Android Screen on Windows 10

1. On Windows PC or Laptop, click on Notification panel nearby time & date section at the bottom right side of the screen.

2. Click on ‘Connect‘ option or you can find this option in Start menu.

3. After that, you have a display saying that your desktop is ready to connect wirelessly.

4. Now, take your Android phone and go to setting > Display > Cast Screen Setting.

5. Make a Tick mark on Enable Cast Screen.

6. Your Android phone searches your PC / Laptop via WiFi network. Connect to your Laptop / PC.

Done! Now, you succeed to mirror Android to PC and your Android screen is live on Windows 10 and you can watch movies, videos, pictures and much more on a big screen.

Last Words About Android Cast Screen on Windows 10:

So, this is the best and simple method to mirror Android screen to Windows 10. After reading this method, I am sure you can easily cast android screen on Windows 10. We also use the same method to view videos on the big screen via this method and I really recommend this method to mirror Android to PC. If you have any query, just drop a comment below to get an instant reply.


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